Monday, November 20, 2006

When Everyone came to visit we were blessed to be able to visit the new Georgia Aquarium. It was beautiful and I know we all enjoyed it!

The girls looking for the fish from "Finding Nemo"

The Jelly Fish display was beautiful. They shined different colored lights on the transparent Jelly's and they were awesome in the Blue Blue water!

This is the large aquarium tunnel. They had huge whale sharks swimming just overhead!
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It was so fun to have Mom, Dad and the Grandmas come visit this fall. The trip seemed short, but boy did we have fun.

~This is
Grandma Vicky taking the twins for a walk.

Papa Jack and the Twins.

Grandma Denny and the Big Girls! They aren't excited or anything!!

Grandma Del and Grandma Vicky being entertained! Posted by Picasa

This fall Steven's Grandpa Frank and his wife Angie drove all the way from Turlock, California to come visit family. This was the first time that the twins met him and Lena was just a baby the last time we saw him! It was so nice to spend some time with them!

Angie, Frank & Steven

The whole gang the morning they left. Miss. Margaret came along on the trip to help Frank take care of Angie. She was such a blessing! Posted by Picasa

Kendra is trying to make a "Proper" Petit Four. The result is questionable! Anyway it was fun right!! Ha Ha!!

WOW, oh well she said it tasted good! I think she needs more pracitce before she goes to work at a bakery!

Lena seems to have faired a little better! Posted by Picasa

We Had some wonderful visiters to church from the UK. Brother Douglas and Sister Anita Hill. They were so fun and very entertaining! The kids all loved them. We are looking forward to their next visit!

Sister Elfreida taught the girls how to knit the "European" way after dinner. She is such a patient teacher! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Kendra is a little out of control, she crashed into the wall! Oops!

Its Cara's turn to go round and round!

Mia's turn and she is really not having any fun! Ha Ha!

It's finally Lena's turn, can she find the honey pot? Posted by Picasa

Monday, September 25, 2006

Shana Tova
Happy New Year!
May your new year be filled with the blessings of the Lord.
Friday evening September 22 the shofar's blew and began the Jewish New Year or Rosh Hashanah. We celebrated the New Year by having some friends over for the traditional round Challa Bread and Apples dipped in Honey to signify a sweet New Year. The children played pin the apple on the honey pot while we all visited.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

I just thought that I would let you all know that we will be starting school on Monday! All the books are in and we are ready! (I think?) Things should be interesting this year with the twins being much more active and in to things! Kendra's biggest challenge is math, Lena's is reading, and mine is keeping everything running! Keep us in your prayers!

The twins were watching a rain storm outside our livingroom door. They looked so cute sitting there together. I can't believe that they both smiled at the same time! WOW! Posted by Picasa

The only time that all the children are dressed nice with their hair all combed is before church! Ha Ha!! So I thought I would take advantage of the opportunity! This is taken in the front yard of our new house by our big beautiful pecan tree. Posted by Picasa

Monday, August 21, 2006

Oh, Now this is Miss Mia! We had to hold her still to take this picture, and this is how she prefers her hair..WILD! Just like her sister Lena!

From the looks of things you would think Mia (left) is the shy one....Don't be fooled this is just an act! I am hoping to get some proof to share with you soon! However I must be very...very... sneeky!

The girls...Cara is on the left of Lena and Mia is on the right of Kendra. This is of course before church...After they look like they have been sleeping in their clothes for a week! Ha Ha!!

Well I finally got a wonderful digital camera (on eBay) of course! We took some pictures on Sunday. I will be posting some more soon. You all with dial-up know how fun it is to wait on things to upload!

Back: Launa & Steven
Middle: Lena (7) & Kendra (12)
Back: Cara & Mia (2)

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Well, I guess I thought that it was time to come in to the 21st century! What better way is there to share with friends and family what is going on and maybe even be a witness to a stranger passing through?

Please try to be patient with me while I get this going! I really need to get some new pictures of the kids and sit down when I really have some time to write!

Love y'all and see you back soon!