Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hope has a voice. When we had Shabbat this week, Bonita played another one of her "games" with us. I like to tease her, but she has this way of making you think and go deeper. I appreciate it so much, I need to be pushed to do things like that, it defiantly is out of my comfort zone. She used the phrase "hope has a voice" and asked us what the Lord had done personally in our lives that we could minister to others? She said that you can't give what you don't have. The most powerful thing you could minister to someone is what the Lord has done for you. 

We all went around in a circle sharing what has been the major theme that the Lord has been dealing or has dealt with us or taught us about that we could minister to others. If there was one thing that we would want to be able to minster what would it be....There were so many great things shared, my answer was two fold but went together....it's my story, the story of God's sovereignty in my life, how so many events and situations in my life have lined up to bring me to where I am today and how I can't deny that it is the sovereignty of the Lord that has brought me here. It goes along with a theme that has been ever present in my life lately. It seems like every time I turn around I am hearing something about love. The perfect love of the father. They go together for me, that the Lord would love me so much to orchestrate events in my life to place me where he wanted me for this season. It's hard to comprehend or accept. 

Receiving the love of the Father is something that I really have struggled with, but with His help it won't be anymore. You can't give something you haven't received, and I would love nothing more to communicate God's love to people. 

It all goes back to a series of messages that Brother Shelley preached on the prophetic power of a testimony. How no one can tell your story like you can. When you give a testimony there is a faith that is released into the atmosphere and it is easier for others to reach up and believe for their miracle. 

Okay, so I've put myself out there.....so what is your answer to Bonita's question?

Saturday, May 24, 2008

We got the girls a sprinkler the other day, and the twins finally decided after some coaxing to try it out. It was pretty fun!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Steven just found out that he won't be getting the tile job in HUGE house he just bid. It was going to be a really good job and provide for us for a lot of the summer. We both have perfect peace about it, but it just makes us wonder what the Lord is up to?? I know He has a plan, but sometimes it's hard to wait around and wonder what it is! So he has been working an ABS special and trying to get some ultrasounding lined up. Maybe we'll get some tile calls too. Somethings up in the heavenlies! 

I just uploaded this page to my Scrapgirls Gallery but I thought I'd share here too. I loved these photos! This is of Lena doing some laundry at the tent town during the "diggin's" in Columbia National Park. The kids had a blast! I hope we make it back again sometime! 

Thursday, May 15, 2008

What an awesome day I've had! Angela finally had her baby! After arriving at the hospital at 6:30am Elianna Sophia was born at 7:45am. She did great! Ang feels great and should be coming home sometime tomorrow afternoon! Ellie is beautiful! Her sisters are so proud and so is her daddy! The whole thing was so prophetic and I feel so blessed to have been there to see her right away. It was quite an emotional experience for me, I just can't explain it! Just a blessing! Say a prayer for her! I know she has quite a destiny! 

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ok, so obviously I haven't done this in a while! Sorry! But I have been inspired! And the amount of time that I'm at the computer, you would think I could post an update now and then!

So here's what's going on.....

Church has been awesome. The Lord is really moving in a big way.....things have really been accelerating. It feels like hold on your in for a ride! It's really awesome and exciting!

For all of us, there has been a  lot going on.......

Is doing well, busy as ever. He is getting a lot of preg checking business with his new ultrasound machine. It's just awesome to see how the Lord is building his business from year to year. It's really been supernatural. He is going to be going to Missouri in a few months on a trip with all the reps from our district. They will be visiting the Circle A Ranch and a few other places which he has been wanting to do for a long time! He is also in the running for the top spot in our district which will win him (and me ;) a trip to rep round table in Wisonsen to the headquarters of ABS where all the bulls are kept and such. It's an awesome trip with lots of learning opportunities.

Well I think everyone knows by now that I'm really loving digital scrapbooking. I have had the blessing of being involved with a wonderful website, Scrapgirls. It's a wonderful online community of mostly Christian women who love their families and love to photograph and cronicle their lives. I've made some wonderful friends. A couple of months ago, I was asked to join the welcoming committee and help to welcome new members, answer questions, and help with the fun and games. It's a blast and I love it. Then shortly after my dream came true and I was accepeted on to the Layout Artists team. Then as if that wasn't enough, my first page was published in a National Scrapbooking Publication, Digital Scrapbooking Magazine! Talk about quite an exciting first part of the year! I can't wait to see what's next!

Was just in a really cute play called the Magician's Nephew.....it was so cute! She got the lead roll, "polly"  I'll be sending DVD's as soon as their all copied! 

Lena, Cara, and Mia...
Have been having a blast with the great weather, they even went outside and played in the hose a little bit! I hope the weather stays like this a little longer! It gets so hot here in the summer that it's hard to spend anytime outside at all!

Alrighty then, I guess that's it for now! But I promise, I'll be back with updates on the going on's of the family!