Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hope has a voice. When we had Shabbat this week, Bonita played another one of her "games" with us. I like to tease her, but she has this way of making you think and go deeper. I appreciate it so much, I need to be pushed to do things like that, it defiantly is out of my comfort zone. She used the phrase "hope has a voice" and asked us what the Lord had done personally in our lives that we could minister to others? She said that you can't give what you don't have. The most powerful thing you could minister to someone is what the Lord has done for you. 

We all went around in a circle sharing what has been the major theme that the Lord has been dealing or has dealt with us or taught us about that we could minister to others. If there was one thing that we would want to be able to minster what would it be....There were so many great things shared, my answer was two fold but went together....it's my story, the story of God's sovereignty in my life, how so many events and situations in my life have lined up to bring me to where I am today and how I can't deny that it is the sovereignty of the Lord that has brought me here. It goes along with a theme that has been ever present in my life lately. It seems like every time I turn around I am hearing something about love. The perfect love of the father. They go together for me, that the Lord would love me so much to orchestrate events in my life to place me where he wanted me for this season. It's hard to comprehend or accept. 

Receiving the love of the Father is something that I really have struggled with, but with His help it won't be anymore. You can't give something you haven't received, and I would love nothing more to communicate God's love to people. 

It all goes back to a series of messages that Brother Shelley preached on the prophetic power of a testimony. How no one can tell your story like you can. When you give a testimony there is a faith that is released into the atmosphere and it is easier for others to reach up and believe for their miracle. 

Okay, so I've put myself out there.....so what is your answer to Bonita's question?


Julia Mitchell said...

Hi Launa just read your post not sure how I found you as I have been searching on encouragement. We have just started an encouragement foundation here in Australia and I am so passionate about sharing our story with others as it can be such a blessing and encouragement. Feel free to join up at our site and share the site with others. Have a blessed day. Julia www.theencouragementfoundation.com.au

Shalae said...

This is such a great thought Launa! It definitely has me thinking. I loved your answer too. Isn't it amazing how he seems to line just simple things up throughout our lives to lead us to our current now, and to know that in the future he'll lead us to where he needs us to be if we let him. Thanks for giving me a thinking question for the day.

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