Wednesday, August 13, 2008

About a week ago we found out that because the crook that broke into our house denied the whole thing of course (he just got the machine from some guy in the walmart parking lot...ya right) they were only going to be able to charge him with possession of stolen property. A slap on the wrist really. We were pretty disgusted, but then Steven got a call from the sheriff's office and it turned out that the guy's girlfriend came in and confessed to the whole thing, she was driving the truck that night apparently. So they then had enough evidence to charge him with breaking an entering, a felony charge because of the value of the machine. As if that wasn't good enough......he then confessed to the whole thing too!!! Can you believe it! That is just God!! He confessed that he sold my laptop to some lady for $90.00 so it's pretty much gone forever, and he left the rest of the stuff in his hotel room so there is a chance we could get that back, but we haven't heard anything yet. I do miss my laptop something awful, but the Lord knows! I am just so thankful that he was caught and will be prosecuted for the crime he committed. It's so rare that things turn out this way! He has a drug problem, that's why he broke in in the firs place, he needed money. I really hope he gets help. I do forgive him and I know that the Lord can deliver him. So all in all a happy ending to the crazy story!