Monday, February 23, 2009

Well I got the girls to sit still for a few more photos this weekend. I didn't use the reflectors and I can definitely tell the difference in their eyes......really I was lucky to just get them to sit for a minute for me! I've been enjoying playing in Adobe Lightroom so much, on these photos I have used a combination of presets and a lot of my own tweaking. I'm really into a little blur and vignetting right's so fun! You all can pray for me though! I am using a 30 day trial of Lightroom and I only have 8 days left! Ahhhh!! I would really like to purchase the program, so I need the Lord to provide a way! I know He will! I'm really enjoying using what I learned at the workshop and Debbie is coming to play on Friday, so hopefully I'll have a lot more to post!!



BW Landscape Cara


Cherise Oleson said...

So beautiful! You make me want to look into Lightroom . . . beautiful subjects and wonderful photography and post-camera work.

llaxton said...

I am so taking that class the next chance I get! You have some beautiful girls!

Jennifer said...

These are awesome! I LOVE the first two and the last two the best. I know I need to get lightroom too! Agh!

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