Sunday, March 01, 2009

Ok, so I know that snow isn't a big deal for most people, even a pain sometimes! But for us in the South it is a rare thing! Today it's snowing! The weather is calling for 2-4 inches here! It's just now starting to stick, but the kids are already out in it, running, throwing slushy snowballs at each other, and I've already been out with my camera....mostly on the porch...cause I'm a little neurotic about my new camera! ;)

Pray that it will stay for a while so the kids can play some more after church, and that I can get the camera settings right for some good snow photos! I'll post some later! :D

And for Debbie if you read this.......I know your probably getting just a little more than we are, so enjoy! I know I'll be seeing some photos from you too! :D I can't wait!! :D


llaxton said...

Snow! We rarely get snow....enjoy it!!!

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