Monday, March 09, 2009

Luke & Levi

Silly Boys

Luke on the grass



I had a blast on Friday taking some photos of Levi and Luke! It was so much fun to photo boys! Poor Luke didn't feel good, but he did really good considering! I just love that little grin he gets! And I think Levi really enjoyed taking photos with Dude. Luke wanted nothing to do with him though, it was quite comical! I'm still working on the images, but these are a few that I have posted on Flickr. Click on the Flickr link in the sidebar on the right to see the rest of the images! These are two of the cutest boys I know! :D Thanks for bringing them over Jenn! :D


Shari said...

Oh my goodness Launa! You are turning into a FABULOUS photographer! You really need to take a trip to AZ and take some photos of my family for me! So when can I expect you?

Launa said...

Maybe I can swing through there sometime on the way to California to visit my parents ;) Sounds like fun to me! :D And thanks for the compliment! I'm having a blast! :D

Kristin said...

Oh I love these!!!!!!

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