Wednesday, April 22, 2009 I have been a bad blogger!

So here is a little family time for you.....Kendra had asked me the other day about planting a garden. I told her that would be fun, but because of the red mud we have as soil and the cost of plants and such it just might be to expensive for now. You know not a day later Steven came home from a customers house with a cabbage plant...he said "I don't know what we are going to do with it, but she said she didn't need it and gave it to me." Kendra was so excited when I told her. She went out today and dug up some ground, she even found a little bag of potting soil in the shed to mix in.....and now she has a start to her little garden! What a good lesson in how much the Lord cares about the desires of our hearts. Oh ya....the cabbage plant's name is Bonnie! ;)


Shalae said...

Oooo. If that red soil is clay I wish I could take it off your hands right now.... it's been forever since I threw some pottery with that stuff. Not that I have a wheel... hmmmph. Can't wait to see if grows!

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