Thursday, July 09, 2009

Summer Fun

Well I finally got to take the girls swimming for the first time this year! The big girls have been with friends, but this is the first time the twins have been this summer. I was totally surprised to see them jump right in! Usually it takes them a while to catch up where they left off last summer.....well not these girls. Of course Miss C was a little cautious and was just content to float in her little spot, but you should have seen Little Miss M!! About 10 minutes after we got there she was jumping "in the deep end" all by herself! She looked like a little fish with her goggles on! I really do need to take them back soon, it was just too fun to watch them go!


Shalae said...

They look like they are having so much fun! We too haven't made it to the pool yet... we only have a couple more weeks before it's too late. I need to get on it!

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