Tuesday, November 18, 2008

No, I'm not a corporate CEO....or am I? I'm literally cleaning house. Dad, mom, vava, and grandma Vicky are on the plane as I write this and will be here tomorrow. So begins the mad dash to get the house presentable! As soon as I say ok girls.....lets get things cleaned up.....the mutiny begins! Kendra and Lena argue over who is going to clean what in their room....the twins promise they are going to clean but end up having a great play idea that just can't wait. I tell them I'm going to set the timer....."Nooooo Mom, we'll clean" Which if they did the whole timer thing wouldn't be a big deal! So they start making endless trips to the garbage can with a scrap of paper at a time, oh and of course their hungry or thirsty every five minutes......Meanwhile, am I getting that pile of dishes done or that sticky floor mopped, and we won't even talk about the shower! I think it's commical really! At least Steven isn't home to witness it all.....my dad calls him speed bump, now that's a whole other story. ;) And all you stay at home moms know exactly what that means, so don't pretend you don't! So I put on some music and know that it will all get done! Oops, here comes the trash parade again.......I better go get something done!


Shalae said...

I can so relate!! In fact yesterday I told Beau if the kids ever get bored there is the perfect solution. Announce it's time to clean their room. While we're trying to clean their room they will find every toy that was boring two minutes ago, and find things to do with it. Games, stories and imaginary play that can't wait until the cleaning is finished. :) Although yesterday Savannah did clean her room up all by herself because she wanted to put the christmas tree up so bad, and the rule was if we got the Whole house clean... of course with sick kids that never happened so she'll have to wait a few days but I was proud of her anyway.

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