Friday, November 14, 2008

I guess it's been a few days and I'm trying to be faithful to blog every couple of days....even if it's just about every day occurrences. So what have we been doing? Well.....I've been doing a lot of scrapping, working ahead on Scrap Girls assignments and magazine subscriptions so that when mom, dad and the grandma's are here I don't have to worry about being late with anything! I've done some layouts that I really love, I wish I could post them......but you'll just have to wait till their in the Newsletter! I have also been spending some evenings praying and worshiping in the church with the girls. It has been an awesome experience, I love the freedom that is there and the gifts that are being developed in our lives. I'm getting to where I need that time to get through the week. It's really a refueling time! I am so blessed!

We have been enjoying the beautiful fall weather, it's been perfect. The girls have been playing outside and enjoying the falling leaves. Kendra and Lena have also really been enjoying their dance class, they love it. Of course there is always school, but we reached a mile stone this week! 60 lessons down and 100 to go! I know it sounds like a lot, but we are quite excited!! The twins have just been doing their thing! They're everywhere and into everything! Boy, aren't things going to get interesting when I have to start school with them next year?

Steven is starting the busy season. He is also being considered as a full time employee with the company which would really be a blessing for us. A steady paycheck and benefits is something we haven't had in a long time. Being self employed has it's perks, but there is something to be said about a steady paycheck! So be praying the Lords perfect will for him.

Well I guess that's about it for now......we will be busy the rest of the week making preparations for family to come!! I can't wait, we are all counting it down! But there is always something exciting happening around here, so I'm sure I'll have new news to post soon!!


Pixel Fairy Princess said...

I am jealous! You are like two hours away and having great weather! It is SO SO cold here! I opened the door to do a mini shoot with Li Li this morning and about froze - berrrr! I love the day to day hum drum things - good for you getting ahead - I need to too :D
Ladybug hugs,

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