Monday, December 15, 2008

Journaling Reads:
My memories of holidays when I was a child are precious. We always had huge family gatherings at Vava's house. Lots of good food, of course, loud relatives, and card playing after dinner. I remember the table being packed and the sound of laughter. As the years went by, there were fewer and fewer people, but the memories I hold will be mine forever.

I know everyone has special memories of holidays past, and when this time of year rolls around we start remembering. I can't help but notice the past few years when holiday time rolls around how different it is. It's supposed to be a time of family, community, charity, and for Christians celebrating the birth of our savior. For me it's been even more special since we started celebrating Hanukkah, the feast of the dedication, or the feast of lights....they are all one in the same. I get so disappointed when I have to go to town, you see I dread going to town during this time of year because it seems like the spirit of greed rules and people are getting more mean and short tempered, I mean people shoot each other because there aren't enough x-boxes to go around. I wish everyone could just take a step back and ask themselves "what are we doing?"

So I don't mean to be a downer, but lets all try to be a light to this world during this holiday season. Let's try to show all those hard working, barley making it cashiers at Wal Mart that we appreciate them. Try to say an extra thank you to someone who helps you. Flash an extra smile or two at a fellow shopper, and this one's the least for me. Try not to let those grouchy, angry attitudes get on us! I want people to notice I'm different, and ask my why. I want the world to see the "Light" of Christ through me.


Lisa said...

Oh my goodness!! AMEN!! And, my mom had the same hair-do when I was a kid! Waddya know??

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