Wednesday, December 24, 2008

"Are you cleaning your room?"

Ok, so they have been in their room for 2 hours now "cleaning" and this is what it looks like. So am I the only one? Am I just not being clear as to what I want them to do? Maybe I'm not scary enough? If you look closely you'll notice I've even taken photos of their toys and attached them to the bins they belong in. How could these two beautiful, little girls make such an ugly, big mess?

If anyone can shed any light on this subject for me.......please do. And hey, what do you think they were doing with the stove in the stroller?


Christy said...

Oh man, did this give me a good chuckle! I can so relate! I don't have any good answers for you, but just wanted you to know you aren't alone! :)

Shalae said...

I can so relate! It was always a battle trying to get my girls to clean their room. I ran across this thing called the house fairy. She basically is a fairy that comes and checks your room when you are not there. She leaves fairy dust when it's messy (glitter) letting you know she was there, and if she does come and it's clean the she leaves a little surprise. She could come at night when your asleep or during the day when your not in your room. You never know when she'll come! I tried something similar with my kids and it hit a cord with Savannah my 5 year. Her room was immediately cleaned without me harping on her at all. She kept picking it up before she went to bed because she wanted to make sure it was clean for the house fairy. They get so excited when she leaves fairy dust, little notes or little surprises. I haven't done it this last week with them, but they've still done better than they have before. I find that they respond much better when I make work fun, rather than nagging, getting upset, lifesentencing them to their room. LOL. I wonder why. I've enjoyed it more, they get excited, and the room stays cleaner much better. I also read of a similar thing in the lastest family fun, where the mom hired out a bedroom inspector name Doris on the internet. Who comes and inspects children's bedrooms who are at school or out. She then leaves a report for "mom" of what was out, or not done. She's really picky and when mom reads the report given back to her to the kids, the mom takes the side of the kids, so she isn't the bad guy any more doris is. At the end of the week. Doris decided who did the best job cleaning their room for the week and they got $5 but it could be another type of reward, suprise or outing. It would all depend on whether you wanted to use imaginary people or if you didn't like the feel of that using something similar that is fun, and enjoyable. How do we make work play. I really have no answers for this since I've totally understand and relate!!! But this last experience recently with the housefairy worked so well, I thought I'd share the idea and maybe it might give you some ideas. But like Christy said. You are not alone! LOL. (sorry about the novel I wrote here.)

Launa said...

This is really a good idea Shalae! I think I could make something like this work. I think the competition thing would work. The big girls share a room and the little ones share. So we could do a weekly contest sort of thing, maybe with the winners getting a trip to Brewsters (ice cream) it's their favorite thing and we don't do it often!'ve got me thinkin' now! Thanks!!

Pixel Fairy Princess said...

Love the new look! This is one of my favorite collections.

I have one who is a neat freak and then there is the boy child - ugh! Just shut the door. I too can relate!

Ladybug hugs,

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